Gallery wall art print set

22 800 Ft

This moderngallery wall art print set was created by me, Annamari. Perfect to add to your living space or to gift to a lovedone. ❤ I’ve read somewhere that if you write on your wall what you desire,than you already make it a part of your life and one way or another, you inviteit into your life. This thought inspiredthis compilation.
❤ hope – remény
❤ love – szerelem, szeretet
❤ kindness – kedvesség

Inspiring artwork printed on professionalpaper (Via Linen pure white 270 gr). It is a special printing method and a special paper, you can feel it’s uniqueness, when you keep it in your hands or when you look at the artwork. Perfect to add to your living space or to giftto a lovedone.

8 art prints in the following sizes:
2 x A3 (42 cm * 29,7 cm)
1 x A4 (29,7 cm * 21 cm)
5 x A5 (21 cm * 14,8 cm)

I believe in beauty. If we surround ourselves with nice, inspiring and colourful things, then our life gets magical.

Art prints from my original paitings

After purchase, your order will be shipped within 1 businessday. All artworks are shipped in a plastic cover, including the beautiful and careful packaging to keep the print safe and completely dry. Recycledpackaging and paper
You can have it by the day after tomorrow. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

  • Annamari
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